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CRL 12" Production Oil-Feed T-Cutter - PTC12

CRL 12" Production Oil-Feed T-Cutter - PTC12

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CRL Production Oil T-Cutter is the ideal strip cutting tool for any size glass, window or framing shop. Whether splitting sheets for more economical storage, or making repetitive cuts of the same dimension, CRL Production Oil T-Cutter is state-of-the-art in manual strip cutting technology. A large capacity oil reservoir automatically delivers exact amounts of cutting oil to the precision ground carbide cutting wheel ensuring low maintenance and long service life. The easy to read scale makes changing dimensions fast, easy, and accurate. This CRL T-Cutter rides along the edge of the glass guided by adjustable and replaceable Edge Guide Rollers to provide a perfect cut parallel to the edge guide. This unit runs along any straight glass edge on precision rollers that are easily replaceable.

Our Smooth Running, Fast-Cutting, Easy-to-Use Production Glass Cutter on the Market | Available in 12", 24", 48", and 72" (305, 610, 1219, and 1829 mm) Models | Large Capacity Oil-Feed Carbide Wheel Cutting Head | The Fastest Way to Manually Make Repeat Cuts

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