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CRL 1/2" Sanding Stick - SS128H

CRL 1/2" Sanding Stick - SS128H

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This CRL Sanding Stick was developed for detailed finish work or hard-to-reach surfaces. Its unique design allows the user to rotate the abrasive belt 360 degrees for its complete use. The spring-loaded tensioning device keeps the belt firmly in place and allows for quick belt change. You can use it wet or dry. The leading edge is tapered for work in tiny openings. Abrasive Belts for Sanding Sticks come 20 per package, all of one grit, in three popular grits: 80X, 120X, and 240X.

Available in Two Widths - 1/4" and 1/2" (6.3 and 12.7 mm) | Ideal for Cut-Outs and Other Hard-to-Reach Areas | Includes One 120 Grit Belt

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