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CRL 12-Strand Hanger Wire - PW2

CRL 12-Strand Hanger Wire - PW2

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The CRL Hanger Wire is made from braided strands of high quality steel wire available in a variety of diameters that will support up to a maximum of 153 lbs. (69.4 kg) before breaking. CRL's Hanger Wire is the perfect product for hanging framed pictures, paintings, mirrors, bulletin boards, and signs when using metal hangers or screw eyes. Approximately five lbs. (2.3 kg) of wire comes on the metal spools, which can be mounted on a rod for convenient dispensing.
General Rule: Use Wire which has a break strength four times the weight of the item being hung.
Product Warning:
Heavy wire braid recommended for mirror hanging.

High Quality Braided Steel Wire in Varying Strengths | Ideal for Hanging Framed Pictures and Mirrors | Five Pounds of Wire on a Metal Spool for Easy Dispensing

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