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CRL 1/4"-20 A-T Series Insert Fasteners (100 pack) - ATS2420

CRL 1/4"-20 A-T Series Insert Fasteners (100 pack) - ATS2420

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Product Overview

CRL Riv-Nuts Steel Insert Fasteners can be used in light and medium duty fastening applications. They can be installed into thinner materials with greater ease than can be accomplished with weld nuts, pierce nuts, clinch nuts, thread tapping, and thread forming screws. They are "non-grip sensitive", one Steel Insert Fastener part number per thread size accommodates any grip over .030" (.76 mm), eliminating the need for various grip ranges.

The unique feature of CRL Riv-Nuts Steel Insert Fasteners is the axial knurl under the flange of the insert. The expansion of the sleeve causes the knurl to bite into the parent material, providing greater torque resistance. Use CRL Riv-Nuts Steel Insert Fasteners to improve your product and speed up production. They're ideal for high-speed installations, as well as low volume applications using manual tools.

• Wear resistant threads due to unique mechanical properties of installation.
• No special skills are required – installation can be learned in minutes.
• Ideal for high-speed production. Can be installed at rates up to 500 pieces per hour.
• Steel Insert Fasteners self-tighten with repeated use.
• Use in standard drilled or punched holes.
• No deburring necessary.
• Can be installed at any point of the assembly operation with portable tools.
• Can be installed after painting or plating.
• Metric and other sizes, aluminum, brass or stainless steel available on special order.

Product Warning: For further information on matching metal thicknesses.

  • Blind Installation (Installs From One Side of Work) for Light to Medium Duty Fastening
  • The Unique Method of Installing Load Threads in Virtually Any Material: Aluminum, Magnesium, Steel, Cast Iron, Plastics, Fiberglass, or Hardboard
  • Reduces Inventory Because One Insert Works in Any Thickness Above .030" (.76 mm)
  • Vibration Proof
  • Use to Install Z-Clamps to Posts
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