CRL 1/4" x 3/4" Gray Double Sided Glazing Tape by CR Laurence - 98814X34GRY

  • $20.90

CRL Foam Glazing Tape is a closed-cell polyethylene foam sealant in tape form. The aggressive acrylic adhesive is formulated to position the foam on curved or irregular surfaces with the slightest pressure. Adheres to wood, vinyl, aluminum, and glass. It can be used as an exterior glazing sealant - particularly where glass repositioning is important before the final setting.

Product Warning: CRL Vinyl Foam Glazing Tape must be compressed 15 percent to maintain an effective seal. In small lites, this may be achieved by applying pressure directly to the glazing tape when installing glazing stops. However, in most lites, the use of a compression wedge gasket is recommended..

Designed Specifically for Structural and Protective Glazing | Self-Priming to Most Common Building Substrates, Including Most Fluoropolymer-Based Paints | Sealant Estimator Chart

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