CRL 1/8" Diameter, 5/16" to 3/8" Grip Range Aluminum Mandrel and Rivet In Packs of 10000 - ABA46

  • $290.00

A blind rivet is a simple device for holding materials together. A solid metal mandrel is inserted into a tubular metal rivet, and supplied as an assembled unit. This becomes a fastener when the mandrel and rivet are inserted into aligned holes in the materials to be joined. The mandrel is pulled into the rivet by a rivet setting tool CRL Marson HD Gun (commonly known as a rivet gun) to create a counterhead, then the mandrel is snapped off, leaving the finished fastener. This effective fastening system lends itself to virtually hundreds of applications, joining materials of many thicknesses and varieties.

Full Factory Cases | Extensive Variety of Sizes and Types of Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Rivets | Simple Installation Allows Blind Rivets to be Incorporated into Virtually All Manufacturing and Fabrication Designs

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