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CRL 2-1/4" Electro-Formed Diamond Drill - DCD214

CRL 2-1/4" Electro-Formed Diamond Drill - DCD214

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Product Overview

CRL DCD and HBT Series Electro-Formed Diamond Drills have a thin wall with a 1/2" (12.7 mm) deep multi-layer of diamonds and bonding matrix. These drills are designed for high speed, high production drilling, and produce outstanding results when exacting conditions are met.

Due to the fragile nature of these types of drills, they should be used in a precision machine, never allowing too much pressure to be applied. It is important to handle these types of diamond drills with care and use on flat surfaces only. Sharpening or "dressing" of these drills before each use will substantially increase their cutting capabilities. A dressing stone is a recommended necessity when working with an Electro-Formed Diamond Drill.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CRL DCD and HBT Series Diamond Drills have a very thin wall which makes them EXTREMELY FRAGILE. They are intended for the drilling of flat (plate) glass ONLY, in a true running, production type drilling press.

NEVER perform any type of freehand drilling. The use of a hand drill requieres a stabilization base such as a our GDB1 & GDB2 Glass Drilling Bases. Extreme care and caution should be used as the use of these drill in any other manner other than as specified may damage the bit and void warranty.

Always wear the proper safety gear including gloves and eye protection when drilling glass. Work should be performed on a flat, horizontal surface. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter must be used when using any type of electric tool in conjunction with water or coolant. Failure to follow any of these precautions can result in operator injury.

  • For Fast Cutting, High Production Runs
  • Extended Work Life
  • Two Mounting Styles to Choose From: Straight Shank or Belgian Type
  • DCD Feature 3/8" x 1-3/8" (9.5 x 35 mm) Shaft
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