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CRL 2-1/8 in Little Grabber Lifter - VC1230

CRL 2-1/8 in Little Grabber Lifter - VC1230

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This handy CRL Little Grabber Lifter uses one finger to lift small pieces of glass off of a flat surface. It is always handy and ready for use while leaving one hand free for other work. Worn on your hand like a ring, this small rubber pad leaves your hand free to hold and maneuver your glass without putting it down. Made from a tough rubber compound, this lifter has two tabs to release it easily from your glass. Cup is 2-1/8" (54 mm) in diameter. Part Variations: VC1230

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Single Finger Handle Provides Precise Control | Makes Lifting Glass Easy | 4 Lb. (1.8 kg) Lifting Capacity

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