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CRL .25 mm UV Adhesive Dispensing Needle 5/pk -UVN25

CRL .25 mm UV Adhesive Dispensing Needle 5/pk -UVN25

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Working with UV adhesives requires precise control of the volume used for each application. CRL's choice of eight different orifice diameters will help you select just the right size Dispensing Needle for the job. Cat. No. UVA1 Needle Adapters fit all our standard size bottles (except 1 liter). Bottle caps stay clean and may be re-used to seal the bottle for storage. Use Cat. No. UV100G Empty Bottle when buying bulk size 1000g bottles for easier handling and dispensing.

Eight Needle Sizes Available to Fit All UV Adhesive Applications | Color Coded for Quick, Accurate Selection | Sold Individually or in a Cost-Saving Set

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