CRL 3 Gram Loctite® Medium Viscosity PrismTM Instant Adhesive - 40104

  • $11.00

Use CRL Loctite PrismTM in places where you could never use instant adhesives before. On hard-to-bond surfaces like lightweight composites or porous surfaces, PrismTM goes beyond typical cyanoacrylate adhesives to perform on wood, leather, ceramic, paper, foam, rubber, fabric, metal, plastic or elastomeric materials. PrismTM also works on acidic surfaces, such as freshly plated or coated metal parts. Prism'sTM two formulas will accommodate most bonding applications: 401 gel is a medium viscosity adhesive for most situations; 454 gel is a high viscosity adhesive suited for situations such as bonding vertical surfaces where adhesive run-off is a problem. Both formulas are 100% solids based, and are clear in color. The rate of cure will depend on the bondline gap. High cure speed is favored by thin bond lines. In general, one drop spreads over one square inch. Apply firm hand pressure to mated surfaces until adhesive sets. The thinner the bond line, the quicker the set and the stronger the bond. Excess adhesive can be dissolved with acetone.

Official C.R. Laurence Product

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