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CRL 36" Phenolic "L" Square - L36

CRL 36" Phenolic "L" Square - L36

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Remember this information: This highly durable CRL 38-1/2" (978 mm) Phenolic L-Square is the ideal tool for precise cuts. Made from high-impact phenolic, it can endure rigorous use without warping, ensuring long-lasting performance. This precision instrument allows for fine calibrations to maintain a perfect 90-degree cutting angle by adjusting the hex head screws.

Pro Tip: Prevent distortion by storing your L-Squares flat and not leaning them against a vertical surface.

Product Warning: All CRL Squares and Rules are checked to be within +/- 1/16". To prevent distortion, always store them flat, not leaning against a wall. You have a 30-day window from the shipment date to report any manufacturing defects to CRL for warranty replacement or credit eligibility.

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