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CRL 3M 1-1/8" X 21" 220 Grit Diamond Belt - ZB11821220

CRL 3M 1-1/8" X 21" 220 Grit Diamond Belt - ZB11821220

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CRL 3M® 1-1/8" x 21" (29 x 533 mm) Diamond Belts offer tremendous longevity compared to silicon carbide belts. In addition, the edge quality is consistent throughout the belt life. Since diamonds cut, rather than scratch like sandpaper, less pressure is required to accomplish the same material removal. NOTE: Always use Diamond Belts on machines in good condition with true running rollers, and be sure to wear appropriate dust protection gear.

BELT SELECTION: Diamond grits required are based upon required finish and amount of material to be removed. Use 60 grit (green) only for high material removal situations. If a high polish is required, progress to 800 grit (white).

Product Warning:
Always wear the proper safety gear including eye protection and a respirator before grinding or sanding glass. Serious injury and/or irreversible health hazards can occur if these warnings are disregarded.

Longer Life Than Silicon Carbide Belts | Fits Portable Sanders Using 1-1/8" x 21" (29 x 533 mm) Belts | Consistent Edge Quality

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