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CRL 4; Deluxe Spring Clamp - JC3201HT

CRL 4; Deluxe Spring Clamp - JC3201HT

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CRL Deluxe Spring Clamp is a modern design that minimizes the spread between handle ends, and makes the "Grip" more comfortable for the user. At full opening, the point of pressure remains at the jaw tips. Heavily plated steel clamps have smooth, bright finish to resist corrosion.
This clamps is available with or without vinyl tips and grips. The vinyl-coated clamps are ideal for clamping to glass or any surface that can easily be marred. The clamps without vinyl are good for all of your common clamping needs, including work with any light metals.

Available with or without Vinyl Coated Grips and Tips | Available in Three Sizes | Bright Finish Resists Corrosion

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