CRL 6-32 Rivet-Nut / Poly-Nut by CR Laurence - 131VB

  • $30.00

These CRL Aluminum Threaded Klik® Poly-Nuts are designed to provide a very efficient method of placing permanent threads in thin materials down to .010" or .020" (.25 or .51 mm) and thick materials up to .080" or .125" (2 or 3.17 mm). Perfect for use in metal, fiberglass and rigid plastic previously too thin for tapped threads. They provide a vibration-proof, nearly flush installation with an excellent fit to application materials. The special installation tool sets these vibration-proof, nearly flush threaded poly-nuts by compression fit, and they hold themselves in place to accept machine bolts and screws in thread sizes from six head-32 thread, to 3/8" (10 mm) head-16 thread.

Saves You Time, Labor and Expense | Can Blind Fasten in Virtually Any Material | Threaded Kilk Poly-Nut Only.

Official C.R. Laurence Product

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