CRL 6" 400 Grit "PSA" Stick-On Sanding Discs - 50 pack

  • $68.46

C.R. LAURENCE PSA6400 CRL 6" 400X Grit Stick-On Sanding Disc (50 Pack). CRL Stick-On Sanding Discs with pressure sensitive adhesive are 100% polyester waterproof material. Made with high quality silicon carbide grain, these Discs provide savings where it counts most, time and labor. Simply peel off the lining and stick the Disc on your backup pad. Five popular grits are stocked. Other grits ranging between 60X to 400X are available on special order..

100% Polyester Backing with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive | Peel and Stick Application Saves Time | Three Popular Sizes 5", 6", and 7" (127, 152.4 and 177.8 mm)

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