CRL Alumin-Nu Metal Cleaner - Quart

  • $20.00

CRL Alumin-Nu Metal Cleaner is a concentrated liquid that restores metal to its original finish. It is a proven metal cleaner and polish for aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, chromium, and stainless steel. CRL Alumin-Nu not only cleans flat or extruded sections of metal, it is also used to clean metal plaques and relief work because it does not leave any residue in crevices. It dissolves accumulations of abrasives and grime that have been deposited by ordinary metal polishes. After the surface has been cleaned, a protective film remains which retards discoloration. Alumin-Nu applies easily with a soft cloth, and a little goes a long way.

NOTE : Always clean in direction of polish lines. DO NOT use a circular motion. Always test first in an inconspicuous area.

For Use on Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel, Chromium, Stainless Steel, and All Bright Metals | Ideal for Removing Heavy Oxidation | Leaves No Residue

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