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CRL Aluminum Size 5 Surface Mount Door Closer - DC55A

CRL Aluminum Size 5 Surface Mount Door Closer - DC55A

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CRL carries a Size 5, CRL DC55 Heavy-Duty Surface Mount Door Closer, that will work with your most demanding commercial or residential applications. Suitable for doors up to 48" (1.22 m) wide and weighing between 187 and 264 lbs. (85 and 120 kg), the DC55 Closer is ideal for use on heavy commercial door applications. The closing (sweep) speed can be variably adjusted to suit your individual requirements, while the latching speed can be accelerated over the last few degrees to ensure the door properly closes and latches. They also feature an adjustable back check feature that helps prevent damage to the closer, door, and adjacent surface when the door is violently swung open due to wind or heavy pedestrian traffic.

Engineered for Commercial and Residential Use | Dual Valve Closing and Latching Speed Control | Reversible for Standard, Top-Jamb, and Parallel Arm Installations on Aluminum, Metal, and Wood Doors | ANSI A156.4 Grade 1 | UL Listed

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