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CRL Backglass Heater Tab Repair Kit - RDTRK

CRL Backglass Heater Tab Repair Kit - RDTRK

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The CRL Rear Defroster Connector Repair Kit is easy-to-use. Just mix equal parts of Part A Epoxy with Part B Hardener and apply with the supplied applicator stir stick. Apply the connector tab and hold in place for 10 minutes before heating. Always use a minimal amount for fastest cures. Heat cure is highly recommended, cure at 100-150°F (38-65°C) for 30 minutes using a hair dryer, lamp or other heating source. For air cure, ambient temperature must be above 75°F (24°C) for at least 12 hours to fully cure.

Conductive Two-Part Adhesive | Easy-to-Use System | Use Heat for Faster Curing

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