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CRL Black 1/4; Wide Edgetech Super Spacer™ [66 ft.] - SS1466BL

CRL Black 1/4; Wide Edgetech Super Spacer™ [66 ft.] - SS1466BL

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CRL Edgetech Super Spacer® is made from superior insulating silicone foam. The spacer essentially eliminates perimeter edge condensation and substantially reduces overall window heat loss. Because of the unique design features of Super Spacer® there are advantages in using this product for the fabrication of specialized insulating glass designs, including curved and odd shaped units, sound insulating, and triple-glazed units with art glass inserts. Note: Super Spacer cannot be used without an edge sealant. We recommend CRL Hot Melt Butyl or CRL 877 Super Spacer Sealant. 

Product Warning:
Always wear the proper protective safety gear when working with and handling glass.

Allows Simultaneous Production of Regular and Special Shaped Insulating Glass Units | Save Production Time - No Desiccant Beads to Add or Corner Keys to Assemble | Available in Gray or Black

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