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CRL Black 95C Silicone Building Sealant - 95CBL

CRL Black 95C Silicone Building Sealant - 95CBL

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CRL 95C Silicone is a one part, low modulus, neutral cure formulation that cures to a durable and flexible silicone rubber building joint seal. It can accommodate ±50 percent joint movement in properly designed joints. It is designed for sealing expansion and control joints in precast concrete panels and metal curtain walls; non-structural glazing of glass, metal and plastic, as well as waterproofing applications, including perimeter sealing of doors and windows.

Quantity: 1 - 10.3 fluid ounce cartridge | Color: black | Sealant type: silicone | Excellent Primerless Adhesion to Most Common Construction Substrates | Long Tooling Time, All Temperature Gunning

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