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CRL Black Bulb Trim Seal [25 ft] - ST36A

CRL Black Bulb Trim Seal [25 ft] - ST36A

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CRL Trim Seal® is a flexible, decorative edge trim that attaches to an edge without glue or clips. CRL Trim Seal® is made of a neoprene closed cell sponge seal which is attached to a black leather grain vinyl trim with a segmented steel core. These flexible parts push onto a metal flange to trim the interior and seal the opening. CRL Trim Seal® will grip edges from 1/16" to 5/32" (1.6 to 4 mm) thick, and has multiple uses as a replacement seal. Individual Metal Clips inside retain permanent grip. Trim Seal® is great for use on recreational vehicles and trailers as a gasket around doors, trunks and window openings. Trim-Seal® has applications in automobiles and a variety of specialty vehicles.

Product Warning:
Grips edges from 1/16" to 5/32" (1.6 to 4 mm) thick.

Flexible Trim with Seal | Applies to Flanges | Multiple Applications

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