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CRL Black/Bronze Match-Up Paint - Spray Can - L5800

CRL Black/Bronze Match-Up Paint - Spray Can - L5800

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Use CRL Match-Up Paint to touch up scratches or defects in duranodic or anodized aluminum finishes. Although it is not intended to replace those hard anodic architectural finishes, it is designed to correct or cover up coloring defects, scratches, or bare metal ends. CRL Match-Up Paint can be applied at the job site, thus eliminating the need for costly dismantling and reassembling of the affected parts. The paint is highly durable, and will not crack, peel or discolor with age. The aerosol can is pre-filtered to prevent clogging in the spray nozzle. Quart size containers can be applied by brush, dauber or powered sprayers.

Aerosol Cans or Quart Containers | Used to Match-Up or to Cover Defects on Aluminum Finishes


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