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CRL Blue Denim Protective Sleeves - 2404446

CRL Blue Denim Protective Sleeves - 2404446

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CRL Blue Denim Protective Sleeves provide important protection for your arms and shoulders. Lightweight and flexible, the 24" (609 mm) long Blue Denim Sleeves come with plated, staggered grommets to protect against puncture and provide air circulation. Adjustable shoulder straps provide added comfort. Sold only in pairs. Minimum is one pair.

Product Warning: IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Glassworker protective gear was designed to help prevent accidental cuts from casual contact with the edges of glass. Protectors are not designed to protect the wearer from falling fragments or shattering of glass.

Protects Shoulders, Elbows, and Arms | 2-Ply Blue Denim Cotton

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