CRL Brushed Stainless Two-Piece Side Mount Frameless Windscreen Clamp by CR Laurence - AFWC2

  • $82.00

CRL Two-Piece Clamps are designed for attachment to the front side of walls or planter boxes. Glass fabrication requires two 3/4' (19 mm) holes per Clamp. Height: 5-5/8' (143 mm). CRL Frameless Windscreen Clamps are typically used to create a tempered glass windscreen or pool surround with minimal distractions from vertical or horizontal frame members. Four styles are designed for insertion in core-drilled holes in a concrete deck, which are then filled with expanding cement. There is also a Windscreen Clamp designed to be mounted on the face of a wall or planter box. And now you can select one of our new Surface Mount Models. Custom powder-painted finishes are also available. NOTE: CRL is an international supplier, and suggests you check local building codes to confirm these Frameless Windscreen Clamps meet local regulations.

Designed for 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) Tempered Monolithic Glass and 9/16" (13.52 mm) Tempered Laminated Glass | For 12 mm (1/2") Tempered Glass | Mounts on Face of Wall or Planter Box