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CRL Cork and Neoprene Desk Buttons [100 pack] - CN1B

CRL Cork and Neoprene Desk Buttons [100 pack] - CN1B

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Cork and Neoprene Composition Desk Buttons have adhesive on one side and are 3/4" (19 mm) diameter x 1/16" (1.6 mm) thick. They cushion glass on furniture tops, and are slightly more resilient than all-cork buttons. Sold 1,000 buttons per roll on release paper.

Product Warning: Sponge rubber shipping pads may not always be compatible with all mirror backings. Mirrors made from different mirror manufacturers have different quality backings. If these pads are used to separate mirrors, consult with the mirror manufacturer first to insure the pads will not burn through the backing, and show through from the front of the mirror.

Easy-to-Use and Remove | Slightly Softer Than Cork | Excellent as a Glass Separator


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