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CRL Door Glass Stop Rivets in Bulk Pack - 52376

CRL Door Glass Stop Rivets in Bulk Pack - 52376

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Important Information About Automotive Rivets CRL Automotive Rivets used for regulator and door handle applications are the split rivet type. The stem of the rivet is part of the structural strength of the rivet and must remain in the rivet after application. Two important factors make this happen: using the proper grip range rivet, and being sure to use the special automotive nose piece in your rivet gun. The rivet stem has serrations on it that are crimped tightly at the rivet head by the special automotive nose piece. 2,000 rivets to a case.

Product Warning: If you use a rivet that does not fall in the proper grip range the serrations will be below the crimping area, and when the rivet stem breaks the stem will be propelled into the outer door panel causing a dimple dent. Use caution and select the proper rivet for your application.

Split Type | OEM Quality | Available in Tubs of 50 or Cases of 2,000 Rivets

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