CRL Double 5" Vacuum Cup (Cross Handle)

  • $125.00

An Industry Proven Cup Solid Construction   Two 5 inch (127 millimeter) rubber lifting pads and a solid metal frame make this a practical vacuum lifter for most general applications. Along with glass, the CRL Cross Handle Double Cup will also handle marble, granite, Corian®, or just about any other smooth non-porous surface material. This cup is easy to apply by using two flip levers. The cross handle design is great for lifting narrower plates. Widely used throughout the industry.   Weight Limit: 100-125 lb (45-56 kg)   Important Note: Never exceed the weight limit of this cup.   Use CRL Rubber Conditioning Glycerin to keep your cup in good condition.

Large 5" Diameter Pads | An Industry Proven Cup | Heavy-Duty Cast Construction | Made by CRL in the U.S.A.

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