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CRL Double Pane Low-E Coating Detector - AE1601

CRL Double Pane Low-E Coating Detector - AE1601

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Product Overview

The CRL Low-e Glass Coating Detector senses the presence (or absence) and location of thermally resistant coatings (Low-e) used on single strength and double strength energy efficient glass from a single side. This helps to ensure windows are installed correctly.

This second generation tool offers enhanced reliability and temperature stability over its predecessor. Simple indicator lights check clear, near, or far surfaces. The unit requires one 9V DC Battery, which is included. The low-battery sensor causes the indicator lights to blink when the battery needs replacing.

When using the AE1601 meter on an IG unit, in order for the far indicator to work, the 2nd pane of glass must be 1/8" or less, and the air space must be 9/16" or less. If the glass or air space is larger than this, the FAR indicator is no longer valid and the AE1601 meter becomes a single pane Low E detector. At this point both sides of the unit will require testing for the NEAR indicator to light up. If in doubt about actual glass thickness, test both sides of the window to double check. If it does not light on either side, then it is a clear window. Lami units must test both sides of the window.

  • Detects Invisible Low-e Coatings
  • Ensures Windows are Installed Correctly
  • Wide Temperature Stability
  • Low-Battery Indicator
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