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CRL E.Z.D. Glazer DeGlazing Tool - EZ1010

CRL E.Z.D. Glazer DeGlazing Tool - EZ1010

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The C.R.L. E.Z.D. Glazer De-Glazing Tool is a real-time-saver. This user-friendly tool is specifically designed for the window industry. It effortlessly aids in the removal of glass bedded into flexible materials, ensuring efficient de-glazing and separation of the materials from the glass. For tight fits, the cutting process can be facilitated with the use of soapy water or a light lubricant on the blade. Featuring a built-in hand guard, it allows for close work next to the glass, providing good leverage and deep cuts when required. The E.Z.D. Glazer is a simple, effective, and reasonably priced solution.

For newer style (screw-on blade) models, use Cat. No. EZ1022 for the correct replacement blade. For older style (weld-on) blades, use Cat. No. EZ1011 for replacement blades. Additionally, the plastic hand guard can be replaced by ordering a Cat. No. EZ10G.

Product Warning: Always exercise caution when using this or any other sharp tool."

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