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CRL Fein Gator 1" Serrated "L" Blade - FKB207

CRL Fein Gator 1" Serrated "L" Blade - FKB207

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Use these CRL FEIN® Gator 'L' Blades for exterior cutting along the A-Pillar and roof area, or on the interior A-Pillar. Serrated leading edge performs the cut faster and smoother than other oscillating blades. Engineered with outstanding durability, hardness, and flexibility to hold up to the toughest jobs. Sold only in packs of two blades.

Product Warning: These blades are not warranted against breakage and credit will not be offered for broken blade claims. The blades are made from tempered steel that is strong but brittle and will break if flexed to an extreme.

Fastest Cutting Oscillating Blades | Serrated for Smooth Fast Cutting Action | Fits All Six and Twelve Sided Blade Mounts

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