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CRL Fletcher Ball End 1/4" and Thicker Float Glass Cutter - 02F

CRL Fletcher Ball End 1/4" and Thicker Float Glass Cutter - 02F

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Product Overview

The CRL Fletcher® 1/4" and Thicker Float Glass Cutter is widely used in the glass industry. It has a ball end handle that is very popular with professional glazier's and also features a 130º hone angle on the wheel with a phosphor bronze axle, the finest known bearing for glass cutter wheels.

Designed especially for float glass, these cutters are very smooth and produce a clean edge. The wider hone angle on the cutting wheel of this cutter reduces flaking and slivering when cutting glass up to 3/8" (10 mm) thick. Handle is stamped 02A.

Each cutter goes through 28 operations with 9 key inspections during the manufacturing process. Then they are tested on glass individually to make sure a smooth, clean cut edge is produced. Individually boxed and packed in dozens.

Product Warning: Always wear the proper protective gear when cutting glass. Failure to do so can result in injury.

  • Very Popular with Commercial Glaziers
  • Steel Wheel with 130º Angle
  • An Excellent Choice for General Cutting
  • Handle Stamped "02A"
  • Classic Ball End Handle
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