CRL Gallon Wood Sash Putty by CR Laurence

  • $41.69

High Quality Formulation for Face Glazing of Wood Sash Sturdy Plastic Pails CRL Wood Sash Putty is formulated for primerless application to wood. It goes on smooth and evenly, and its off-white color blends with most unfinished wood surfaces. Color: Off-White Size: 1 gl (3.78 l) Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of frost. When re-glazing, remove all old putty and bedding; using a 4500, PR9000 or AK40. If necessary, place glazing in hands and roll in to coils to warm and soften. Smooth glazing to an angle that sheets water with a putty knife using a 2BE118, 4701 or 2S114. Typical dry time before painting is four to six weeks depending on temperature and humidity. Putty must be painted after it has skinned over and attained a firm set. For best results, use a high quality oil-based paint. TECHNICAL DATA: Meets the requirements of Federal Specification TT-G-410E; ASTM C 669-75, C669, D2249, D2376, C797. CRL Wood Sash Putty is long lasting, and factory sealed for freshness.

Official C.R. Laurence Product

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