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CRL Glas-Slip - Gallon - GS128

CRL Glas-Slip - Gallon - GS128

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CRL Glas-Slip is a specially formulated lubricant that makes working with glass and rubber gaskets easy. It's extra slippery and stays wet, so you can spread it on the entire gasket before you install the glass. Also makes the installation of filler strips quick and easy. Apply it with a brush or rag, or spread it on with your fingers. Glas-Slip comes in one gallon cans or handy quart size cans.

Product Warning: product has a one year shelf life. But depends on where it is stored, product cannot be stored below 65. And cannot be freeze. And once container is opened and used the shelf life will change due to contamination.

Rubber Lubricant for Easier Installation of Gaskets | Helps with Installation and Centering of Gasket Set Glass

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