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CRL Glass-Check Pro by CR Laurence - GC3001

CRL Glass-Check Pro by CR Laurence - GC3001

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The GC3000 is a fully equipped Low-e Coating Detector capable of locating a Low-e coating on any surface of a double pane window from a single side. This is a major time saver for testing multi-story buildings where you only have access to the inside of the window. No other meter in the world can handle the same combination of applications. With an expanded thickness range of 2" (50 mm), the Glass-Check Pro is compatible with residential and commercial glass. It is also compatible with new Low-e coatings, suspended film (i.e., Heat Mirror), tinted glass, and laminated glass with Low-e against the laminate layer.

Triple Pane Thickness Measurement | Full Low-e Detection Capabilities | Enhanced Compatibility Means More Applications

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