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CRL Gray 777 Butyl Rubber Sealant - 777GRY

CRL Gray 777 Butyl Rubber Sealant - 777GRY

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CRL 777 Butyl Rubber is a unique, butyl-based sealant specially formulated using a blend of age resistant polymers to give excellent weathering properties at various temperature extremes. CRL 777 offers excellent adhesion to most clean surfaces, and will withstand joint movement of ± 10% without affecting its water-tightness. It also has a special ultraviolet fighting agent for exceptional service life.
Basic Uses:  Recommended for exterior applications, CRL 777 Butyl Rubber Sealant features excellent adhesion to wood, masonry, glass, concrete, some plastics, and metal surfaces. Hidden areas, such as under sill cans, thresholds, and around screw heads are excellent applications. Other areas, such as between metal building panels, wall-mounted air conditioning units, under aluminum siding and gutters are all good applications for proven butyl sealants. Application temperature range is 40° to 120°F (4° to 49°C). Service temperature range is - 20° to 200°F (-29° to 93°C). Paint time is 24 hours.

Excellent Adhesion to a Variety of Clean Surfaces | Superior Exterior Weathering Properties | Easy to Apply and Tool

Shipping Limitations : Hazardous Material - No Air Shipments

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