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CRL Gunther Ultra/Bond Mirror Mastic - Gallon Can - GN101B

CRL Gunther Ultra/Bond Mirror Mastic - Gallon Can - GN101B

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CRL Gunther Ultra/Bond® and Extra/Build® Mirror Mastics are high quality adhesives formulated to provide a strong, permanent bond between electro-copper-plated glass mirror and various substrates. Both have been field tested for compatibility with silver, copper, and mirror backing. Both have an easy working consistency year round, and will adhere to a wide variety of substrates including Drywall, Wood, Metal, Glass, Marble, and Tile but should be tested for Bleeding.
NOTE: Not for use on acrylic mirror. Use Cat. No. GN8 Gunther Prime-N-Seal Primer on all porous substrates. Application guidelines are available online for all Gunther products. Mechanical support systems are recommended for all mirror applications.
Gunther Ultra/Bond®’s viscosity provides for a build out of 3/4" (19 mm), and can be compressed to 1/32" (.8 mm) for mirror installations requiring close tolerances, such as overlays, mirrored furniture, and medicine cabinets.

Official C.R. Laurence Product

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