CRL Jackson® Adjustable Spring Power 105 Degree Hold-Open Overhead Concealed Closer with 1-13/64" Extra Long Spindle

  • $170.00

This CRL Jackson® Adjustable Spring Power Overhead Concealed Closer Body is designed for A.D.A. barrier-free applications and features an extra long 1-13/64" spindle for that extra "bite" when used in conjunction with Patch Fittings or rail hardware on all glass doors. Its spring power is adjustable from a size 2 through 4 using Patented Dual Compression Technology which provides finer spring tension adjustment and greater spring efficiency. With fully independent valves, this closer affords maximum adjustability when trying to balance building codes, stack pressure and keeping the door closed. It will easily retrofit most all fixed spring size Overhead Concealed Closers and is the choice of professionals the world over.

Maximum Adjustability for ADA Requirements vs. Stack Pressure | Patented Dual Compression Technology Adjustable Spring Power Sizes 2-4 For ADA Barrier-Free Applications Extra Long 1-13/64" Spindle for Use with Patch Fittings and Rail Hardware 105 Hold-Open | U.L. Listed With a Five Year Limited Warranty How to Order

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