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CRL Left Hand Dual Arm EntryGard Casement Operator - EP24032

CRL Left Hand Dual Arm EntryGard Casement Operator - EP24032

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This CRL Entrygard Dual Arm Casement Operator consists of the mechanism only and does not include an operator cover or handle. The patented dual arm action of the operator pushes the sash open while pulling the hinge side of the sash to the open position. When this operator is properly installed, it results in an almost effortless operation of both casement and awning-type windows of many sizes and weights, even those with insulated and double-insulated glass (typical operating torque is less than one foot-pound to open and close a 60 lbs. (27.2 kg) sash 90 degree). Plastic or metal covers for this operator mechanism are available. Each package contains one operator and installation screws. NOTE: Handing of CRL Casement Window Operators is determined by the hinged side of the window when looking from the inside out. 

Die Cast Base with Hardened Steel Arms and Gears | From Truth Manufacturing | Hardened Steel Arm and Gears | Dual Arm Action | Available in Three Link Arm Lengths

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