CRL Lock Lubricant by CR Laurence

  • $12.51

Net Weight: 10.75 Fl. Oz. (305 g)Lubricates and PenetratesDisplaces Moisture and Retards RustContains No Ozone Depleting ChemicalsCRL Lock Lubricant is formulated to drive out moisture, retard corrosion, lubricate and penetrate rust on all metal lock parts as well as hinges, bolt threads, cables, and chains. This aerosol spray is harmless to paints, plastics, and fabrics. CRL90 is a non-conductor and does not contain silicones. Save maintenance time and money by freeing sticky mechanisms with a quick spray through the applicator extension straw (included). Apply periodically for continuing protection against corrosion caused by humidity, electrolysis, salt water deposits, and industrial residues.

Lubricates and Penetrates | Displaces Moisture and Retards Rust | Contains No Ozone Depleting Chemicals

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