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CRL Oscillating 7/8" Hook Blade - RD076

CRL Oscillating 7/8" Hook Blade - RD076

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CRL Hook Oscillating Cut-Out Blades fit all oscillating cut-out knives using six or twelve sided blade mounts. Hook Blades are normally used from the exterior of the vehicle, and provide you with the extra reach needed to cut the urethane bead along the bottom of the windshield. NOTE: Care should be used when using these blades as the cutting action is on the opposite side of the glass from the operator.

Product Warning: These blades are not warranted against breakage and credit will not be offered for broken blade claims. The blades are made from tempered steel that is strong but brittle and will break if flexed to an extreme.

Fit All Six and Twelve Sided Blade Mounts | Extra Long Reach | Oscillating Cut-Out Blades

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