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CRL Plastic Trim Snips - PTS89

CRL Plastic Trim Snips - PTS89

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Our CRL Plastic Trim Snips have a wide variety of uses. The 3-1/2" (89 mm) long razor sharp cutting blade is ideal for angle cutting plastic trim strips (not for cutting metal). The handle grip holds three additional replacement blades. They real time saver when working with plastic and vinyl trims or weatherstrips. The razor sharp blade makes quick cuts to leave precise edges and can be replaced if needed. The compound action handle is coated for a comfortable grip and provides plenty of leverage to cut smoothly through rigid vinyl trim or auto side moldings. This knife comes with one each additional blade already packed inside the handle. Replacement blade pack includes three blades and one plastic anvil.

Use With Plastic or Vinyl Trims, Weatherstrips and Auto Side Moldings | Replaceable, Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades | Not For Cutting Metal

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