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CRL Polished Nickel Finish Knob Latch - LAT001PN

CRL Polished Nickel Finish Knob Latch - LAT001PN

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The CRL Knob Latch assists in latching and centering a door in either glass-to-wall or glass-to-glass installations. It is very helpful in job conditions where a slightly out of alignment situation exists, and positive closure to zero degrees is needed. An internal three-point ball bearing index mechanism keeps the Knob Latch from "free-spinning". The Knob Latch is operational from both sides of the door. It includes a Tapered Strike (180 Degree Model only) for glass-to-wall installations, and a J-Hook for glass-to-glass installations. J-Hook is adhered using our water clear UV70330 Ultraviolet Adhesive.

180 Degree Model | Provides Positive Closure by Latching Door in Glass-to-Wall or Glass-to-Glass Installations | Centers the Door in Out-of-Alignment Situations Caused by Various Jobsite Conditions | Fits Glass Thickness from 5/16" to 1/2" (8 to 12 mm) | Solid Brass

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