CRL Polished Stainless Standoff Base 1/2" Diameter by 1-1/4" Long

  • $10.50

For 1/2" Diameter Standoff Mounting Options please, click here . Infinite Design Options Including Signage, Furniture and Retail Display Available in Two Distinct Finishes to Accommodate Any Project Requirement Accomplish Your Design Objective by Choosing Any of Five Different Lengths In display or furniture manufacturing, the innovative design achieves maximum exposure and attention. CRL 1/2 Inch Diameter Standoff System provides the user with unlimited design potential for retail store, restaurant or commercial applications. By simply drilling 5/16 inch (8 millimeter) holes in glass, plastic or wood panels, and polishing or finishing the edges, a completely different and contemporary look can be achieved. Color: Polished Stainless Diameter: 1/2 in (12 mm) Length: 1-1/4 in (31.4 mm) Additional Product Information: The 1/2 inch (12 millimeter) Standoff Bases do not have internal threads. Use the Hanger Bolts or the Threaded Rod to secure the Cap Assembly and Base to the wall or substrate. Available in Brushed and Polished Stainless finishes, CRL 1/2 Inch Diameter Standoffs are "high-tech" in both design and appearance. They are part of a uniquely flexible system which can also incorporate CRL Edge Grips and Swivel Fittings for maximum versatility. CRL 1/2 Inch Standoff Bases come in five different lengths, from 1/4 to 1-1/2 inch (6 to 37 millimeter). Matching Cap Assemblies must be ordered separately. The CRL Standoff System incorporates a complete range of mounting accessories that you can order in any quantity required to complete the job, with no unused "leftover" components. Important Note: Due to the diversified variety of applications, weight limitations for Standoff Systems are dependent upon wall or substrate anchoring.

Available in Two Distinct 316 Stainless Steel Finishes to Accommodate Any Project Requirement | Accomplish Your Design Objective by Selecting Any of Six Different Lengths | Six Available Lengths in Two Finishes | No Internal Threads | Use Monolithic Tempered Glass

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