CRL Red RTV High-Temp Silicone Gasket

  • $9.37

Temperature Operating Range: Continuous Exposure to 500° F (260° C), Intermittent Exposure to 600° F (315.5° C) Makes In-Place Seals for Many Automotive Uses Our high quality CRL RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) Gasket and Bonding Silicone is easy to apply, and lets you make any size or shape gasket or seal in minutes. This acetic cure silicone's special formula resists the effects of heat, regular and synthetic oils, grease, anti-freeze and transmission fluid. CRL 55RED bonds, waterproofs and insulates most materials. Replaces most cork, asbestos, felt, rubber, paper or metal gaskets in minutes. Bonds to metal, plastics, glass, vinyl, rubber, leather, fabrics, wood, tile and ceramic. CRL 55RED is a low volatility formulated silicone, making it acceptable for O.E.M. requirements for safe usage on automotive oxygen sensing devices. Color: Red Contents of Tube : 3 fl oz (90 ml) Important Note: Not recommended for cylinder head gasketing or uses involving continuous contact with gasoline or other solvents, or in high pressure and scientific applications. Silicone corrodes some metals, and is not paintable. Remove all old sealant before applying new. WARNING! CONTACT WITH UNCURED PRODUCT WILL IRRITATE EYES. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet or back of tube for information on safe usage.

Same Professional Formula as Our 33S Silicone | Great for Small Jobs or Over-the-Counter Sales | Retail Display Also Available

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