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CRL 8" Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter - S7950

CRL 8" Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter - S7950

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CRL has developed the S7950 8" (203 mm) Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter with the strength of a heavy-duty stainless steel handle and a tough ABS 3-stroke Plunger Pump for extra-fast attachment to glass and other non-porous surfaces. The Plunger uses a red-line indicator to let you know that you have sufficient vacuum to lift your load. Should the red-line appear after pumping, a built-in check valve allows you to re-pump without vacuum loss. The large rubber pad area of over 50 square inches makes full face contact when the Lifter is pumped, and allows attachment to glass of varying thickness with very little risk of damage. To release the S7950 Lifter from the surface, simply press the vacuum release lever (which is protected by a guard during use) and the pad detaches from the surface without any residual sticking. Four 5/16" (7.9 mm) diameter holes in the handle are convenient locations to attach guide ropes when using these Vacuum Lifters mounted on one of CRL's Manual Lifting Frames, as well as for other utility attachments.

Valve lever permits quick and complete release. | The built in Check Valve Allows Re-Pumping without Loss of Remaining Vacuum | Supplied with protective carrying case. | Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss | Help stabilize load during transport and placement.

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