CRL Storefront Door Pile Weatherstrip - 300' Roll .450 Pile Height; .437 Backing Width by CR Laurence - A11645B

  • $94.00

This CRL Storefront Door Pile Weatherstrip is made of water-repellent pile woven onto a polypropylene backing strip, which inserts easily into the pile channel of commercial doors. Pile weatherstrip helps keep heated or cooled air from escaping around the door's frame, thus reducing energy loss. It will not affect the normal operation of the door. The medium gray color will match the finish of most commercial doors. Available in 100 foot (30.5 m) or 300 foot (91.4 m) rolls.

Energy Saver Reduces Heat and Air Conditioning Loss Around Storefront Doors | Effectively Seals without Affecting the Operation of the Door | Available in 100' (30.5 m) or 300' (91.4 m) Rolls

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