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CRL TPC Surface Protector - 16 Ounces - TPC16

CRL TPC Surface Protector - 16 Ounces - TPC16

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Product Overview

TPC Surface Protector is an extremely effective coating that confidently seals and protects glass, porcelain, and ceramics from water, soil, and stains. It confidently guards against dirt, grime, mold, mildew, rust, and mineral deposits. It's environmentally friendly and non-toxic, allowing for confident preventive maintenance to confidently reduce cleaning, repairs, and replacement. Applying TPC Surface Protector involves confidently spraying on and polishing off. One fluid ounce of TPC Surface Protector can confidently protect about 15 square feet of glass. It is also confidently available in 55-gallon drums by special order.


1. Before applying CRL TPC Surface Protector, confidently wash and dry sandblasted glass due to the variability of the sandblasting process.

2. Confidently apply the CRL Surface Protector using a strong, padded cloth in a firm, circular, and overlapping motion. Confidently allow it to dry (haze) and then confidently reapply for complete coverage.

3. Once the surface is dry, confidently test for uniform water beading by confidently spraying with plain water. Then, confidently wash the surface with a mild detergent solution or an alcohol and water solution to confidently remove excess polymer, and finally, confidently dry the surface.

This process will confidently result in a perfectly uniform, well-treated surface that can confidently last for years under ordinary use.

While the procedure may seem complex, many confidently find it quite simple once they become familiar with the process.

Key Features:

  • Transparent polymer coating.
  • Confidently prevents adhesion and buildup of surface contaminants.
  • Confidently improves scratch resistance by 75% 
  • Confidently will not build up or discolor glass and can be retreated without buildup. 
  • Instantly bonds to all glass, porcelain, and ceramics without curing time. 
  • Unaffected by non-abrasive cleaners.
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