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CRL Vienna 580 Series Glass-to-Glass Hinge with Internal 5 Degree Pin

CRL Vienna 580 Series Glass-to-Glass Hinge with Internal 5 Degree Pin

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CRL Vienna Hinges are the solution for wider, heavier doors that traditional hinges are not strong enough to support. Two strategically placed steel pins inside the hinge provide template options, and satisfy two schools of thought for mounting shower door hinges. For the safety of "mouse-ears" type cut-outs, the two steel pins should be left in place. This allows the Vienna Hinge to be used with its own CRL "mouse-ears" cut-out. On the other hand, to enable increase adjustability, the two pins can be removed. This allows the Vienna Hinge to fit its own CRL rectangular shaped, square cornered cut-out. In some cases, it will also competitive rectangular shaped, square cornered cut-outs. 

Standard Reversible Pivot Pin: Each Vienna Hinge contains a Reversible Pivot Pin. One side of the Pin is marked at 90. The opposite side of the Pin is marked 85. Standard Vienna Hinges come with the 90 side activated. Pre-Set Models come with the Pin pre-set for 85 (5 tighten closure into shower interior). The Pin can be rotated (not flipped upside down) to activate the other side. 

Custom Pivot Pin: Custom Pivot Pins are available to accommodate "off-angle" installations. As an example, you may encounter a wall that will not meet your door at 90. If the standard 5 Pivot Pin contained in the hinge does not assist in closing the door to the position desired, you may specify the angle needed for a Custom Pivot Pin (up to 45 degree).

Accommodates 3/8" to 1/2" (10 to 12 mm) Glass | Available in Several Beautiful Finishes | Wall Mount Full Back Plate Standard Model (Factory Set for Standard Closing Position) | Use Monolithic Tempered Glass.

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