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CRL Wet Glaze Pump and Accessories - GRP1

CRL Wet Glaze Pump and Accessories - GRP1

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The CRL Wet Glaze Pump has been designed to reduce the labor associated with the application of expansion cement to Hand Rail Base Shoe, and to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the final assembly of the Base Shoe and glass. The Wet Glaze Pump not only increases speed of application dramatically, it also offers superior control over the flow rate and delivery location than that of manual applicators.

Pump Kit Includes: One Pump with Hoses, One Nozzle, One Momentary ON/OFF Switch, Two 5 Gallon Buckets, Two Measuring Pitchers, One Plastic Scoop, One Mixing Spoon, One GFC1 15A Ground Fault Interrupt Device, and One GRP2 Replacement Hose Kit.

NOTE: Clamp and Alignment Fixture not included.

Portable, Lightweight, Compact Delivery System for Expansion Cement | Dramatically Increases Speed of Application | On/Off Control at Point of Delivery | Quick and Easy Hose Replacement

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