CRL White Plastic Screen Wicket

  • $10.04

Finish Matches CRL Screen Frame CRL Plastic Wickets are 10-1/8 inches (257.1 millimeters) wide and 6-1/8 inches (155.6 millimeters) tall and allow easy access to casement or awning window operators. The finish of the wicket matches the finish of CRL Screen Frame. You install your own wire into the wicket to match the rest of the screen. If you are using aluminum screen wire, we recommend using SS135C serrated retainer spline. For fiberglass screen wire, use SS175C spline. The wicket has a snap-type latch for secure closure, and can be installed along any ten inch (254 millimeter) minimum wide section of the screen frame. Minimum Order: 1 Each

Plastic Wickets in Finishes Available to Match Screen Frame

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